What’s falsely known about cats is that they are animals that don’t like to show intimacy, neither between them nor to their human friends. Whereas dogs on the other hand, are known to be very affectionate animals who love to cuddle and play with anyone they see.

On the contrary, cats are very affectionate animals, too. They just show their love in a different way from the one us humans are used to. It just takes a trained eye to know whether a cat is showing you love or not.

Let’s get right into it and see how cats show their love to their owners.

How Do Cats Show Affection to Humans?

Cats are very chill animals, they’re very subtle about most of the things in their lives. Unlike dogs, they don’t have to jump around to express their happiness. Instead, they’re fine with just lying around and stretching for example.

Being a cat lover, one would want to know that their cat loves them back, it just feels better and healthier that way. And you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time caring for a pet who hates you.

There are many ways a cat can show its owner that they love them, and here’s a list of those ways.


Purring is one of the most common, and obvious ways a cat does to show that they love whoever’s next to them.

The way purring happens is that cats have a small motor in their throat that vibrates whenever they start feeling relaxed or when they enjoy something. An example of this would be when you stroke your cat, especially if it’s somewhere they love, like the back of their neck, or behind their ears for example, you can start to hear and feel the vibration going on in your cat’s throat. That’s a sign that your cat is happy at the moment and is enjoying what’s happening very much.

But, sometimes purring can mean that your cat is in pain, and it’s important that you know the difference so that you can intervene when necessary, and take her to the vet.

Grooming You

In case you haven’t noticed, cats don’t just groom themselves or other cats. If a cat really loves you, then you’ll catch them grooming and licking your skin on different occasions. The reason they do this is to show you affection by mixing their scent with yours.

This not only means that they love you but it also helps them be more relaxed, and it also shows that they have put their trust in you. This action also builds a community scent that they find very important to recognize in their family and human friends.

Slowly Blinking at You

If you’ve ever noticed your cats chilling somewhere, and when you see each other they start blinking at you very slowly? If yes, then you’re a lucky one.

What this means basically is that your cat trusts you and very much enjoys being close to you.

These blinks are often referred to as cat kisses and can also be reciprocated. Next time you notice your cat doing this to you, do the same and just as slowly. The cat will understand from this that you trust it.

Showing Their Belly to You

When your cat does this in front of you, especially if you’ve been gone for the whole day, it means that they are very happy to finally see you.

This is also a way for them to say that they trust you. A cat’s belly is a very delicate and sensitive part of their body, showing it to you means they’re being very vulnerable and that’s something to appreciate. It’s one of the warmest compliments you can receive from your cat.

Cheek Rub

If your cat really loves and trusts you, then it will definitely rub its cheek on you whenever it can. This is also their way of inviting you to socialize with them.

The reason they do this is because their cheeks have scent glands that produce pheromones.

Head Bunting

This is when cats bop their head against yours. It’s also a very common way for cats to showcase their love and trust to their favorite humans. It’s also their way of marking you as their territory, and no other cat can have you.

The glands on your cat’s head produce a scent that they later transfer to you by head butting you.

Hanging Out with You

Cats hate everyone and everything by default, they can’t stand other cats or animals, or even humans around them. But, if your cat appears to love spending time next to you, this means that your cat really loves you and enjoys being around you, it means you’re very special to it.

This includes when they just come and lie down on you, or when you wake up in the morning and find that your cat has been sleeping on your head the entire night.


Now that we’ve talked about how cats show their affection to humans, it’s time to mention the ways we humans can show that affection back in order to build more affection and trust with them.

Blink at Your Cat

This is one way we’ve mentioned before. When a cat slowly blinks at you, it’s almost as if they’re kissing you, and it also shows that they have trust in you.

It’s only fair we return the favor and blink slowly back at them.

Groom Your Cat

Your cat will groom and lick you when they feel close to you and when they trust you as well. The only way you can return the favor is by doing something similar to them.

You can gently stroke their back, under their chin, behind their ears, behind their necks, and their belly. Although these cats spend about 30% of their lives grooming themselves (they don’t need your grooming), it is certainly a nice thing that will improve your relationship and make you closer to each other.

Spend Time with Your Cat

It’s an obvious one. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CAT. Cats love to be around the people they love, it wouldn’t hurt if you take an hour from your day to do nothing but chill and play with your cat.

As we all know, cats are predators by nature and they absolutely love to hunt, it’s in their instinct. The best thing to do is to grab a few toys and let your cat chase them around the room.


Despite common belief, cats are very affectionate animals, they just show their love and affection in their own ways. Now that you know how to detect if your cat is trying to tell you something, it is important you treat it the same way and show it how much love you have for your favorite feline friend.

We hope this article was beneficial to you and hope you have a long lasting relationship with your cute cat.