Taking care of your cat’s food is a lot similar to how we take care of our own food, and how we handle that food once it is at our home can make a big difference in whether it remains fresh for long or it spoils after a couple of days.

Our team has done the research and came up with the 5 mistakes most pet owners do when it comes to food storage and how to avoid them. This is crucial, not only if you want your cat food to last you long, but also if you want to keep your cat healthy and not end up feeding them spoiled food by mistake.

Let’s check out those 5 mistakes!

Don’t Throw Away the Original Packaging

You see the packaging that comes surrounding the food you just bought, it was given to you for free, so why throw it away?

The food packaging has been designed in a way that makes it very practical when it comes to keeping the food fresh and protected from everything that might harm it.

This is why you should always keep the original food packaging and not throw it away after you open it. Instead of throwing it away, you can use it as storage for what’s remaining of the food.

Not only that, but you can use the packaging for its barcode, expiration date, and batch code; all of which are very important information to have, especially if god forbid something goes wrong with it.

Don’t Expose the Food to Air

Every time you open up the food package to feed your cat, seal it back again right after to make sure the food isn’t exposed to air and humidity.

The exposure is unnecessary and may lead to spoiling the food a lot faster because of humidity. It can also increase the risk of food contamination, and you also risk having bugs, ants, and smaller bacteria to enter the bag.

Don’t Store in Sunlight

The heat isn’t the only that can spoil all types of food, but having the food stored in an area that has a lot of sunlight is also bad. The sunlight can easily elevate the temperature and humidity inside the food bags, which will increase speed at which the food degrades.

The other risk the sunlight brings is that it increases the chances of Salmonella contaminations as well as other dangerous bacterial infections.

Don’t Keep Past Expiration Date

The expiration date isn’t labeled on the packaging for kicks. It means that you shouldn’t give the food to your cat after that date. In case you ever feed your cat expired, you will be risking poisoning the cat and possibly leading to some health risks.

Don’t Mix Old with New Food

Although it is tempting to do so, it isn’t a very healthy choice.

The reason why this shouldn’t be done is because you may be risking mixing old, spoiled food, with brand new one, which will cause everything to spoil.


Now that you know this, we expect you to avoid making these mistakes. We hope this article was beneficial for you, and your cat will appreciate the efforts you make for them a lot.